Tacoma has some nice parks and shopping, and a decent number of travelers making their way through the United States stop by Tacoma to check them out. The most popular attraction in Tacoma is the Point Defiance. Take some time to explore this Tacoma travel guide to find out more about what to see and do, as it could be worth a visit.
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there is a scale model train show that is out of this world. definitely start there. an american indian history museum. and several art galleries all in the same area. tacoma had a weird feeling for many years, but the gentrification has finally took root. look for a coffee shop called stumptown. get it? this coffee smacks other coffee like it's a whiney, snot-nosed, complaining red haired cousin. stay away from the semi-quarantined arsenic spill. that's the area with no trees or grass growing down by the water next to the restaurant the people are roller blading by.
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The Swiss above the highways on Jefferson Street: European travelers who happen to be in Tacoma (of course!) should check out the fine selection of beers, including most German beers on tap.  Food is OK, but just drown it in beer and you'll be fine. 
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Tacoma is the third largest city in Washington State.Tacoma offers a wealth of museums, theaters, fine dining, boutique shopping and a nice Zoo. I like the Woodland park zoo in Seattle much better as it's bigger.
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