Hanoi, is the Capital of Vietnam, and from 1010 to 1802, served as the political centre of independent Vietnam.  Ts also one of the oldest and first permanent settlements of the Co Loa citadel back in 200 B.C.  Only during the Nguyen Dynasty did another city, Hue reach greater prominence.

Aside from being the country's capital, Hanoi is also Vietnam's cultural centre, with a number of interesting historical and cultural monuments from ancient culture to French colonial influences.  It is located along the banks of the Red River.
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Hi i am planning a trip to Veitnam and Thailand. I want to know if it is safe to go by my self as a girl in these countries and if there are places i should avoid. thanks
Can anyone recommend a cheap and good hotel in Hanoi's old quarter? Is City Gate Hotel any good?
Will be going to Hanoi from 12th to 16th Feb. Understood it is a bit chilly. Anyway, would be it best to go or just go on our own up to Halong Bay and back to the city after 2 days and spend another day wondering around? Any hotel (range from $15-20) to recommend in Hanoi itself? Please advise. Need this quite urgently. Thank you all...
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Want a beer for only 2000 dong (less than 10 cents)? Yeah who doesn't. Go looking for the street corners littered with kiddie chairs in the old quarter. Great way to have a cool beer for next to nothing and meet fellow travellers seeking out the same thing.
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Thu Giang Guest House: Cheap and Friendly Guest House

We were disappointed by our previous guesthouse and were directed to Thu Giang by an Australian couple we met in Ha Long Bay. What this guesthouse lacks in decor and character it surely makes up for in service. This was clearly not the "nicest" guesthouse we stayed in during our trip, but it was one of the most memorable. This family run guesthouse is a favorite with backpackers looking for a cheap safe place to stay in the Old Quarter. It's location on a quiet alley (filled with several traveler's hotels) is walking distance to all the attractions in the Old Quarter. The family goes above and beyond to ensure that each guest feels at home during their stay. One daughter acts as point person for most of the interaction with guests. She books tours, and acts as concierge for the many travelers that pass through their doors. Her main objective is to make sure each guest gets the best deal on tours and tickets, rather than trying to make an extra buck by inflating prices as we encountered at other guesthouses in the area. The rooms are not as nice as others we stayed at but the service and price made up for it. But, because of the rooms, this guesthouse is not for everyone. It is definitely for the seasoned backpacker or the student traveler as the rooms are small and slightly run-down (you get what you pay for), but safe and clean. We had a room with a double bed for $8 US. They also booked our night train to (and from Sapa) for us and were kind enough to escort us to the train station and hand deliver us to our train when we discovered a discrepancy with our tickets. She took the time to ensure that everything was completely in order before we got on the train. Such personalized service makes me recommend this guestouse to anyone passing through Hanoi.

Unique Qualities: Satellite TV, Fridge, Fan or A/C, Balconies, Bathrooms (w/ Hot Water), Internet, Tour Bookings, Laundry, Food. They have a second property located at 35A Hang Dieu Street / (84-4) 9232078


Email for reservations or information: /



Singles: $3 - $5 US

Twins: $6 - $8 US

Doubles: $7 - $10 US

Triples: $8 - $12 US

Family (4-5 people): $13 - $15 US


Prices: less than US$20

Phone: (84-4) 8285734 or (84-4) 9285761

Address: 5A Tam Thuong Street

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Hanoi to Sapa

The easiest way to get to Sapa is to take the train from Hanoi. Most people opt to take the night trains because it’s a long trip and sleeping on the train maximizes your time (and funds). To get to Sapa you must book the train from Hanoi to Lo Cai. Lo Cai serves as the hub for all tourists visiting Sapa. Lo Cai is actually 40 km from Sapa so you must take a bus or motor bike from the station into town. Some of the fancier hotels will take care of booking this transportation for you, but if you’re traveling with the budget lot you’ll have to acquire your own ride. That’s easy enough to do as there will be many busses waiting for the throngs of tourists disembarking the train. Generally a bus ride up the mountain to the center of town will run you between $2 and $5 US. Try using your negotiating skills to get the best rate. Most of these “busses” will actually be vans. Get a group together because the vans won’t leave until they’re full. Book your bus return to the station as soon as you arrive in Sapa. These busses fill up. The return ride is generally on a full-sized bus from the center of town.


Trains from Hanoi to Lo Cai depart daily. There is one daytime train and three night train options. With each you have the option of soft or hard seat / sleeper. I highly recommend spending the extra few dollars for the soft sleeper. In the soft sleeper cabins there are 4 bunks to a room and you will be assigned a sleeping berth when you purchase your ticket. The bottom bunk lifts up so you can store your luggage securely. Hard Seat $5US (no a/c), Soft Seat $8US/$6US (no a/c), Hard Sleeper $11US/$9US (no a/c), Soft Sleeper $15US


Hanoi to Lo Cai

LC3 06:10 – 16:35

SP1 21:15 – 5:30

SP3 21:55 – 6:15

LC1 22:05 – 07:25


Lo Cai to Hanoi

LC4 09:15 – 19:55

LC2 18:45 – 04:00

SP2 20:15 – 04:30

SP4 21:00 – 05:05


There are a few other luxury train options, such as the Victoria Express but they are more expensive and often booked in conjunction with reservations at some of the luxury hotels in Sapa.

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