Paradise Gloria Grand Hotel

5.0 star rating
About Paradise Gloria Grand Hotel
32 Shijingshan Road (Shijingshan Lu)
Beijing, China
Is a natural sea as its theme. Natural sea sauna business area of nearly 1000 square meters. Sea region of the United States by the well-known design firms design, use of natural sea water, and to that end with a professional water purification system. Is a set of rooms, catering, banquets, conferences, multi-purpose sports in the same five-star hotel. Gloria crown land of the sea by the hotel management authority over Gloria Hotels & Resorts. Design has a warm and comfortable multi-room chamber of 318 sets. A number of different styles of restaurants, unique design, fashion management. At the same time, also have different standards for conference rooms and a ballroom. Well-integrated infrastructure equipment and services for guests to provide thoughtful and meticulous service.
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