Cathay Hotel

About Cathay Hotel
15 Lebuh Leith
George Town (Penang), Malaysia 10200
-04262 6271
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And Have Buttons For BBC Radio Stations. I Guess That Was The Standard Before CNN Came Along. The Villa In Itself Is Majestic
And Malaysians Are Quite Proud Of Their States' Culinary Heritage.
But It's A Greta Place To Stay If You're On A Shoestring. Penang Is Fantastic
But The Rooms Are Run Down
But There Is No Point In You Going There Is You Snob The Street Food. Penang Is Recognized In The Whole Of Malaysia As The State With The Best Food
It's A Great Place For Lodging
Located I An Old Colonial Villa. The Night Tables Are At Least 50 Years Old
So Things Might Have Changes
Which Gives It A Very Melancholic And Good-old-times Feel. I Was There In 2004
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