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Simon's Town, South Africa
My friend and I stayed at Fudd's place for about 10 days. The owner, Gerald, was really hospitable and friendly. The neighbors also helped us have a good time.
Gerald makes GREAT breakfasts. His oiled eggs, self-made bread, self-made chocolate muffins, flavored tea, etc made our stay there memorable.
On the last day of our visit, he left us two bars of chocolate in our breakfast bowls with the note "friends 4eva" on it!
There is an internet cafe right next to Fudd's place, which is a great advantage.
There is another inn right next to Fudd's place, which is run by a rather old lady called Pat. She has an assistant called Rachel. If there is a big group of travelers, your friends could stay at her place.
Also, Fudd's place rents out some canoes [besides bikes] so that you can float in the Indian ocean, and may be, if you are lucky, see some whales in the distant (and if you are also brave, you would get closer...I was not....LOL)
BTW, Gerald has a friend, who is a great pizza cook and owns this small pizza place. Make sure you get a bite there...
He has this other friend, called Charlet (not sure about the name...), she is an amazing person to hang out with. She had an "ostrich" farm, which she took us to. Also, she gives you a ride if you want to get a lift to visit the Cape's point rather than cycling there. The fee would cost you less this way than if you get a cab.
Finally, there is a somewhat fancy restaurant in the vicinity (I am not sure where, Pat took us there in her car...) where serves top-notch steaks which I had not tasted until then, and have not tasted anywhere else until now.

ps. I think I forgot to mention the penguins in the beach nereby! As far as I know, other than the south pole and this place, and of course the zoos!, penguins are not found elsewhere on earth.
pss. Try some sea food in the harbor restaurants.

have fun :)
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Aug 9, 2010
they rent bicycles as well.
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