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Adan, Yemen
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An Hotel In The Building Where Was Employed Arthur Rimbaud
And It Is Priceless.
And Rimbaud Has Been A Lifelong Fascination For Him. In Booking In Hotel Rimbaud I Paid A Tribute To My Father's Fascination
If I'm Not Wrong. The Hotel Is Nice
In The Heart Of Aden Historic City
My Father Is Native From Revin
Native From Revin (Ardennes)
On A Personal Matter
Originally Decorated
The Crater.
The Scandalous French Poet From The End Of The 19th Century. Rimbaud
Very Relaxing
Went Here As The Employee Of A British Trading Company (after Having Deserted The Dutch Colonial Army On His Way To Indonesia). He Ran In Troubles Because Of His Harshness Towards Indian Dockers
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Nov 4, 2009
Hotel Rimbaud is in the Crater, Aden's historical city. It is a relaxing, nice building. It is in the former facilities of a British trading company where worked Arthur Rimbaud, the 19th century scandalous french poet from Revin (Ardennes). Rimbaud came in Aden after having deserted the Dutch colonial army on his way to Indonesia. In Aden he ran in troubles with the indian dockers he was treating harshly, was beaten, then left and became a gunrunner in Abissinya, on the other side of the Red Sea. On personal matters, my father is a native from Revin himself. All his life he has been fascinated by Rimbaud. in booking in this hotel I paid tribute to my father's fascination, and it is priceless.
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