Canto Verde

About Canto Verde
Praia Grande, Between Nova Brasília & Encantadas
Ilha do Mel, Brazil
Canto Verde is located at the beach Praia Grande on the island "Ilha do Mel".
Praia Grande is one of the last places on the island that remain all in family.

All trade in Praia Grande belong to one family and the local culture has as its treat the visitors like member of the family Praia Grande.

This history started with our famous matriarch, Grandmumsy Maria, inside this context you will enjoy stay at the hostel Canto Verde.

The hostel has a great infrastructure, our rooms have the name of birds, a tribute to our Atlantic Florest which has several species of birds

Canto Verde has a capacity for 6 people, with 4 beds at the dorm room and we also offer ensuite double room with T.V. and fridge.

Payment Accepted:
Getting there:
From Curitiba city:

You will need go to the bus station and get a bus to Pontal do Sul, ask a ticket for Ilha do Mel.
The trip from Curitiba to the marine terminal during 1 hour and 40 min.
At the marine terminal in Pontal do Sul, buy the ticket for Brasilia.
The trip by boat during 30 mim.

Canto Verde Hostel is located in Praia Grande- Ilha do Mel, Brasilia.

Once in Brasilia you will have to take the way to Praia Grande.
Attention: there is 2 differents ways to get on Praia Grande.
The short one is the way that pass throught the beach Praia do Belo, this way is located at the right of the terminal, to find it, look for the Hospital, the way pass by the side of the hospital. The walking during no more than 30 min and if you need help with your bag, there is at the terminal people that can do it, they have wood cars to take the heavy for you.
Canto Verde Hostel is located at the end of the beach Praia Grande, this little place is known by Canto da Vó Maria.

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