Lohan Rest House

About Lohan Rest House
Blok3, Km11, Jalan Panau, Poring Hotsprings, Peti Surat
Ranau, Malaysia 89308
Lohan Rest House is located within the peaceful, senene village of Lohan, 11 km away from its nearest town, Ranau. Situated alongdisde the road to Poring Hotsprings, Lohan Rest House offers a cheaper alternative for your accomodation need. Lohan Rest House offers 23 furnished rooms, each with individual bathrooms. Guests have a choice between single/twin beds (air-conditioned / fan). Also availabe is a meeting room, multipurpose room and an open space.
Payment Accepted:
Getting there:
Lohan Rest House, Ranau is in East Malaysia (Sabah). Upon arriving at Kota Kinabalu Airport, one can take a cab to Kota Kinabalu City. From there, you can hire a car, or can take local taxis (Kota Kinabalu - Ranau taxis, van or bus) to take you to Ranau Town (approx 112 km) ie via Kota Kinabalu-Sandakan Road. Once you are in Ranau Town, one can tak local vans to Lohan Rest House, i.e 11 km alongside the road to Poring Hotspring. Or can call us at 088-879533 and we will come and lead your way (or fetch you) to Lohan Rest House. Attached are some text and photogaphs about Lohan Rest House.
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