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About Open Guest House
#105-19, 1ga, Seong-Book Dong, Seong-Book Gu
Seoul, South Korea
Dream to be the best hostel in Korea !!

to define Open Guest House..

This has good access to major view sites in Seoul. Step out from OPEN GUEST HOUSE, and only minutes later, you will be in the middle of Seoul's enthusiasm.

And not only convenient, the main policy of OPEN GUEST HOUSE is to provide cheap, affordable, but comfortable rooms for guests from all over the world.

From dormitory beds, single to double rooms, we have different types of rooms to fit your needs.

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- Discovery of Morning Calm -
Unknown Temples (Gilsang T, Samchung T), Great View of National Park,Gallery Tour, National Folk Museum, In Sa Dong.
:: condition ::
10:00 am ~ 13:00 pm, Minimum 3 persons,
Fee: 10,000won
Transportation included

- Market Tour -
Namdaemoon Market (1 hour), Electronic Market (1 hour) Fruit & Herb market, Fish Market etc..
:: condition ::
10:00 am ~ 16:00 pm, Minimum 5 persons, Fee: 20,000won
Transportation included

Other Tours will be also arranged as you request.

= We Offer =

* Free Breakfast
* Free Laundry
* Personal sauna (free).
* DVD new moives (free).
* Bicycle hire
Payment Accepted:
Getting there:
** free pick-up from 9a.m. to 10 p.m. at SungKyunkwan (University) Bus Stop **

1. From the Airport Bus Stop (6011, get off SungKyunkwan daehakgyo ipgu Bus Stop)

a) AT AIRPORT: Go to the only tourist information (near exit 12) in the lobby, collect your maps and other info for Seoul and Korea. Next to the info desk is the bus ticket office. Buy your ticket to: SungKyunkwan (University) Bus Stop. It will be approx. 9000 Won. (It is also the second last stop on that route). Then bus stop is 5B or 12A, look for 6011. Load your bags under the bus, and let the driver know you wish to go to Hyehwa - SungKyunkwan (University). The trip takes 1hr to 1hr 20 min. so relax and enjoy the views. The bus will either display the location stops on screen or read out aloud in English so you can see where you are on the maps.

b) While on the bus, the stop you need to get out at is located on a main road. On your right you will first see a Family Mart then you will get off from the bus.
If you could not contcat us before your arrival, then you need to find out public phone booth or simply borrow a mobile phone from someone.. most of Korean have thier own mobile phone. Then you phone us under 02-744-9000. I will be there within 5 miniutes to pick you up.

From the Subway - Hansung University Station Line 4, Take Exit no.5

1. Start at Hansung University Subway Exit no.5. From Exit no.5, you need to just turn left toward main road and see 'MOMENT BAR' on your right side. At the same time, you can see 'KIA Motors and S-Oil' on the other side of road.

2. When you see 'MOMENT BAR'and 'Beautiful Store'located just next to 'MOMENT BAR', you go straight for about 50 meters (on the way you could see: a traditional Korean costune shop and small unknown Korean restaurants, as well as electric bulb shop etc). Move your steps until you get HANHWA-painting shop on your right side.

At HANHWA-painting shop, stop your step and you will find a old city wall at front, there are two side streets on your right side, take one has little hill and look upward to see the old gate (unique feature in this area). plz do not take the other street(one way).
Take about 30 steps and find a small park on your left side, at the end of a small park, you turn right and you will see our sign 'OPEN GUEST HOUSE' and it will be there for you..

*caution* from the exit of subway if you see 'Family Mart'(24hours Convinient store)on your left side, plz turn back.. otherwise, it leads you to the wrong direction.
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