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Tip on : Bunbury - 3 years ago

As you walk along Ocean Drive near the Pendal Street turnoff you may notice a small memorial plaque for "The Captain's Place" sitting alone in a grassed area overlooking the Indian Ocean.
If you were to stop and ask people passing by who this plaque is dedicated to I would suspect that many of them would not be able to tell you this.
Captain Bob Allsop was Harbour Master for the Port of Bunbury from 1963 - 1988. He lived in the house directly opposite from the plaque and tended the small patch of grass from where he would stand and observe the ever changing ocean.
As a gesture of appreciation for the Captain's services to the Bunbury Community this plaque was placed on the spot he spent so much time watching the ocean in it's many and everchanging moods.
The plaque itself isn't very a grand statement in but it is a small part of Bunbury's short history and you may want to gaze west from the same spot and enjoy the view.

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