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Tip on : Sarajevo - 6 years ago

Dorada at Fellini's:

How to spend a thoroughly enjoyable evening in Sarajevo? That's easy: meet some good friends whom you have not seen for quite a while, join them with your nicest colleagues and go to a decent place to have dinner. To the Restoran Fellini, for example. Not only do you get the nicest selection of Italian wines outside Italy, but also the best Bosnia-Hercegovina's vineyards have to offer. And we were even more lucky: just today some fresh Dorade (sea bass) had arrived, excellent Mediterranean fish directly from the Adriatic. And how to find the place? Well, every cabdriver in Sarajevo worth his (or her) salt should know it. Don't give them the address: Branilaca Sarajevo 5. Because nobody in Sarajevo knows where to find Branilaca Sarajevo. But everybody knows where the Bosnian Cultural Center, the headquarters of the Sarajevo Film Festival is. Go there. The restaurant is just opposite, on the other side of the street. Good luck and enjoy!

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