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Tip on : Siemreab - 6 years ago

I took the local bus from Bangkok to Siem Riep and it was great. If you like dust and being cramped and doing things the local way with no aircon then you'll enjoy your sweaty bum being stuck to these seats. You can exchange money at the border and this is fine. Just make sure you do so on the Cambodian side as the rate is better. When u get off the bus in Siem Riep you will be approched by locals trying to get you to go to their hostels. This is fine, but I found it best to have a place in mind so check the travel guides. Someone on a motorcycle can take you and your backpack there without a problem.

I am a woman and travelled alone without any problems. I ran out of money infact and a kind american helped me out. Thank-you!

There are many VERY poor families in Siem Riep and they will ask you for money and the usual stuff. My suggestion: take milk when you walk the streets. There are always small thin children carrying even smaller thin children and they will be grateful for the calcium. This can be bought at many shops in the city.

I was strapped for cash so spent my time at the local markets. There are some fancy restaurants that have popped up for the tourists but nothing beats a meal prepared right in front of you for next to nothing. It helps the man on the street and gives us tourists more of a human face.

With regards to the awsome Angkor City, the best tip I have for you is go as early in the moring as possible! This way you will avoid the crowds and see the sunrise. Two days spent here is enough. The best transport for me to the city was on the back of a motorcycle, the best way to see the area. 

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