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    Tip on : Cape Sable Island - 7 years ago

    Cape Sable Island. I great place to spend a day and explore the seaside. If your traveling through Nova Scotia and you are thinking of doing the drive from the Annapolis Valley through to Yarmouth and then to Shelburne and Liverpool, or vice versa, you should think about stopping by Cape Sable Island. This is a cute little fishing village where the people will invite you into their homes and ask you to stay for supper.
    Cape Sable Island is just that, an island connected to the mainland by a causeway. It takes only a short time to drive the entire island so you have ample opportunity to get out and take photos or explore. Your going to be surrounded by short stumpy coniferous trees and salt sea air. The landscape is unique and always holds your attention.
    If you want to meet some of the locals there are various little shops and stalls around where you can pick up folk art or native crafts. You may want to find someone you can understand and hold onto them for a translator as you drive further into the heart of town :) You might notice that the local English Accent is a little tricky to catch at first but in no time you'll notice yourself talk just like dem :)

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