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Tip on : Santiago - 6 years ago

Chile is a great country and Santiago is one big, huge city with lots and lots of things to see en do but you have to know that a lot of people are realy poor.  This makes that, if you do not be carefull, you can be robbed.  Here are some advices I learned from my best friend Andres, which lives in Santiago.
On the bus:
- When you take a bus try to sit as close as possible to the driver.
- Never let a place next to you where a possible robber can sit down.

When walking on the street:
- If you cross people looking dangerous try not to speak on the moment of crossing.  Otherwise they will hear you are tourists and easy victims.
- Don't put stuff (money, creditcards, passports) in your pants.  Put it in a safe place.
- Look carefully when crossing a street even if there are lights.
- Do not start talking with beggars.

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