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Tip on : Moroni - 6 years ago

We stayed at a suite in the Hotel Itsandra Moroni Comoros.  A car was waiting for us from the hotel. The hotel is a fair distance from the city, but the drive was worth it.  The hotel is perched high above the Indian Ocean on a cliff with views of the ocean and the city of Moroni.  The room was nice, but not as much of a resort as I would have liked.  The hotel has it's own beach in a cove that is a bit of a trek to get there, but once you are at the cove it is so worth it.  We went snorkling and had a picnic on the beach.  The food was very good and of course much of it was seafood which was fresh and delicious.  They have a couple of restaurants.  Make sure you check the times that they are open.  Times open were not always logical to me. Watch out for the usual array of dangers: spiders, scorpions, eels, snakes etc.  Very hot and humid, but the ocean was wonderful.  We went all over the Comoros Islands and this was one of the nicer places we stayed.  (The new Dubai World LTD resort was not ready when we visited.  I would like to go back just to see that).

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