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Tip on : Rarotonga - 6 years ago

Rarotonga and the Cook Islands must have been the most beautiful place I've been to. It's hard to get to from Euope, but so worth. Gladly, the two times I've been there the tourists haven't discovered this place that much yet. I recommend to either take the bus to get around... they circle the island in both directions every half hour and the drivers are very nice and some very handsome and flirtatious. Or you get a scooter/moped license at the police station and hire one. It's great fun to get the license! Most tourist hit Muri beach, but there's a jewel of a beach on the soutside just in the front the Raina Beach apartments. Friday night is the big night out! Everyone on the island goes out that night... My favourite place was the Staircase, a mad bar with mad beautiful people... you're never short of a partner to dance with! It'll be hard for us Westerners to keep up with their moves though! Also, the Cook Islanders are very open to gay/lesbian travellers. There are a few openly living transsexuals on the island. Very friendly these islanders and great to chat to. Enjoy!  

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