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Rovinj is a small fishing town 40 km northwest of Pula, it retains a strong Italian flavor, with cobblestoned streets and a central promenade. The baroque Cathedral of St. Euphemia stands on a high hill overlooking the old town and several islands. A casino also draws visitors. It's hopeless to go in the center by car, but walking by the coast is absolutely lovely. Go through the small alleys, it's amazing...old balconies, ancient wooden doors and most spectacularly, the tiny stepped alleys that run between the houses right into the sea... creative displays of jewelry and textiles outside and delightful displays of craftwork inside...beaches?there is no lying down on the sand but the towns have improvised their own sunbathing spots by putting flat surfaces on the rocks. Take a bout trip to Lim Fjord, not so much to see but it's a cool experience and you'll visit a Pirat cave...

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