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Tip on : Limassol - 6 years ago

Limassol is a beautiful place, full of life and of welcoming people - like all of Cyprus. Even if the beach is not made of sand, but of pebbles, that will not take away anything from the beauty of the Mediteranean Sea. I've never seen a sea so clean! I saw it's bottom from the window of the airplane. In order to move around freely, rent a car - but be careful cypriots drive like english people - on the wrong side of the God damn road!  Ask a local's help to choose a rent-a-car firm over another - they'll be glad to help, especially if you try to learn a word or two in their native tongue. Cypriots - as greeks - will be more than delighted to let you practice your awfull language knowledge on them. The almost bloom if you ask them of their culture and/or history. Bring summer clothes and a warmer jacket. Even if a local tells you it's cold don't bother - for cypriots 25 degrees Celsius is considered to be "cold". Always check your own meteo forecast. Hotels have lots of services to offer and the prices are not as steep as they could be. Romania is much more expensive! With about 2000 euros you and 2 friends can have a wonderfull week long stay in Cyprus. As for attractions, you won't have time to see them all in just a week: the castle of Kourion, the temple of Apollo, The birth place of Afrodite are just a few places to go visit, the ones I've seen, and only in Lemessos area! Have fun, enjoy the people, enjoy the food and your stay in Cyprus - you'll come back with beautiful memories and gorgeous pictures. For sure!

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