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Tip on : Ceske Budejovice - 6 years ago

After months of crappy tourist menus and overpriced and undersized meals, it was the biggest relief to get to Budweiser Brewery. Not only do they have the finest brew (nothing like the pissweak american version), the menu is extensive, the portions huge and the quality made me weak at the knees, hadn't had a decent steak since leaving Aus! The waiter was really helpful and friendly and impressively multilingual, spoke to us in perfect english then conversed in French and Spanish at neighbouring tables.
Did I mention that it's very reasonably priced too! We had 2 mains plus 2 starters, a copuple of sides and 6 or 8 pints for under AU$50(!!!). We went back for lunch the next day to fill up on decent food before we left for Prague :)

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