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Tip on : Guayaquil - 6 years ago

I have lived here for almost ten years, so I will never forget how amazing it is there! Still miss it! The people there are very kind and inviting, but I recommend you NOT going by yourself at night on the street, it can and does get criminal especially downtown! If you want some "downtime" to unwind, go to the beach called Salinas (not Playas!), it is about a 2 hour drive but so worth it. Also, go to Quito and visit the equator! If you're going to Quito be sure to drive by the Devil incarved in the mountains on your way there! Don't forget, Quito is a lot colder! Always divide/put your money on different places of your boby (so you always have some cash if something were to happen) and always look out for your belongings!

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