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Tip on : Nice - 7 years ago

The heart of Nice beats in the Cours Saleya. The daily morning flower market offers much more than just cut flowers. Plants, cacti, fresh fruit, vegetables, delicatessen, bread, olives, socca, traditional glaced fruits, and on Mondays the flowers give way to antiques. Many tourists of course pass through here - you will hear a lot of English and Italian spoken - but also this is where the Nicios also like to come and do their daily shopping. The fruit is from heaven - sugar-sweet clementines from Corsica, figs and grapes from Provence, exotic Kaki-fruit, lychee, or simple apples bursting with flavour. If its a bit touristy don't assume everything is marked up for tourists - it is terrific value and little different from the supermarket - only better quality. You will also be introduced to the novelty of French pricing. For no discernable reason there will be wide differences in prices for the same fruit between different stalls. You will also discover the difference between the flavour of fruit picked a few days previously in Provence, and the flavour of fruit which has spent the last month chilled in a distribution warehouse waiting for delivery to your home supermarket. Lined with restaurants and brasseries, the Cours is a great place to sit with a beer or coffee and people watch. Terrific atmosphere that is so magnetic everyone passes through here just for the sheer buzz.

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