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Tip on : Athens - 6 years ago

Shopping in Athens can be worthwhile. The best buys in clothes include lightweight cotton shirts, pants and shorts...for women dresses and blouses. I bought several pairs of really comfortable and practical open-weave slip-on shoes. My only regret is that I did not buy more. Also, but some of the plaster casts of the Parthenon friezes. When you get them home, give them a terracotta look or a marble look by rubbing (your fingers do a great job) artist's acrylics into the porous surface. When you are done, buff them with a soft cotton cloth and they take on a light lustre. This waterproofs them and makes them look VERY EXPENSIVE!!! If one or two (or more) are busted on the way back (baggage handlers are not the most careful people), gorilla glue them back together...the cracks make them look even more authentic. They are inexpensive and make great gifts once you have "gussied" them up a bit. Of course, each is totally unique, given your handiwork!

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