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Tip on : Athens - 6 years ago

WOW. Athens is a great city. Athens is beautiful around Christmas time. I went there during Christmas and New Years. I stayed in Amalia Hotel located right next to Syntagma Square. Beautiful Christmas Trees and lights everywhere. The one thing you have to get is metro passes...they come in very handy. While most things in Athens are cheaper than other European cities, taxi rides are still expensive. Get a metro pass. Also all the historic sites are wonderful to see. And if you have time try to visit the Olympic Stadium..its really amazing even though nobody really uses it anymore...and if you are lucky someone will let you in. There is one thing I do in every country I visit...go to a McDonalds...because they have different things on their menus. The one in Athens is very tasty. Last bust not least my all time favorite place to eat in the world is Quick Pitta. Get the mixed grill....tons of food and extremly tasty. You can get tons of great food for very cheap in Athens so try as much as you can. Enjoy Athens, Greece

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