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Tip on : Mumbai - 6 years ago

Mumbai is huge to compress into a few tips... but having lived there for a few years, a few of my favorites included... long strolls up and down Marine Drive, theatre and music performances at the NCPA (at one end of Marine Drive) or Prithvi theatre (in Juhu), jazz at Jazz by the Bay (I think its got a slightly different name now), beer at Leopold's or one of the other bars in Colaba, book-browsing at the street stalls along Fort and at the Strand Bookshop, meals at Khyber Restaurant in Fort and Purohit's near Churchgate ... these are tame things, of course, compared to stronger interests for which most people throng to Mumbai... like business and Bollywood... and you may well find yourself tied to a neighbourhood like Andheri or Bandra depending on your work in Mumbai... in which case all these also have good places to relax, eat and explore... but if you are generally visiting, I guess its wiser to locate yourself in downtown Mumbai for the sights ... and for the better part you avoid Mumbai's packed-like-sardines city trains or its wildly speeding taxis... though both are worth a try...

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