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.CitraElo are a licensed tour operator specialising in white water rafting, outdoor training and management training.
They offer three rafting trips ranging from moderate (Grade I-III) to advanced (Grade III-V).
The Lower Progo River is the advanced trip which is the one that I chose on this occassion.
The cost is IDR 1,500,000 per boat which includes all rafting equipment, guides, refreshments and a meal afterwards.
As there were no other participants I basically funded the whole expedition. But this included a support rescue raft which I think was just an excuse for the team to get onto the river as well.
Most of the team work as farmers around CitraElo base camp so I think they will take any opportunity they can to go for a bit of a paddle themselves.
They seemed to enjoy the adventure as much as what I did and they certainly added a lot of fun to the whole trip with their humerous antics. On more than one occasion someone ended up in the river with a helping hand ;)
Yours truly went overboard when his centre of gravity became waterside!
One of the highlights for me was to ride on the front of the boat 'rodeo' style by hanging onto the ring at the front of the raft and then trying to stay on as long as possible in the rapids.
Some of the photo's were taken by one of their photographers so I was expecting to pay extra for these. However, the photographer joined our group on the second leg of the trip and he enjoyed himself so much that he gave me a CD with the pictures that he took plus two prints!
I did also pay an extra IDR 350,000 for transport to and from our hotel in Jogja. At my request, the driver was kind enough to stop at various locations to take some pictures of the surrounding countryside.

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