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An extraordinary country! Good to visit, always!

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Connie says:
Jan 26, 2009
i went to Rome and Venice and fell in love with Rome, went to trevie fountain and it was all i expected, ladies just make sure to hold your purses close to you . also backpacks etc. there is alot of pick pockets there, I want to go back someday, it was my drean vacation, I just wasn`t there long enough to see everything, stay at least a week or more, Venice is very different, it is like going back in time, no vechicles just boats, and alot of good looking Italian men. well worth seeing. I also went to Pompeii, i don`t recomend a tour group they aren`t there long enough to see everything, go on your own and get a guide when you get there. GREAT PLACES TO GO TO, I LOVE THE COUNRTY
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