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Tip on : Tokyo - 6 years ago

Tokyo is a busy city for tourists who like city. If you want to stay really cheap, you can stay in `Manga-kissa` or `Karaoke`. There is no key on the door but it's no prob if you watch your property out. It costs £6-7 for ataying overnight. The next cheap accomodation is hostels. Japanese traditional hotel `Ryokan` isn't so cheap, but you could have very interesting experience there. You can also choose a hotel.  You can take trains, underground, buses or taxi. The best transport may be underground but you can't see any view, of course.  When you came to Japan, try to eat real Sushi. It's completely different from Sushi which you can eat abroad.  I think Tokyo isn't such a expensive city as you think. There is much more way you can save your money than I could write down here.

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