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Tip on : Kuala Lumpur - 6 years ago

For Indians travelling to KL - I think its smartest to use the KLIA Express on the way back to the airport - 27 mins from the station to airport Lot of Indian restaurants - best is Sarvana bhavan (south Indian) Mega Mall is good for shopping branded stuff - but you can pick up a lot of give aways etc from China Town or India masjid area Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate at china town - replica pens are RM 10-15. Replica watches start at RM 75-100 The best time you can have is at genting if you are into casinos etc - Spice garden is amazing for Indian food - pls ensure that u pick up your beer cans etc from Carrefour or 7/11before you hit Genting - there are no shops on the way to Genting - in genting these cost RM 15 - almost 3 times the market cost In KL - you can dig into amazing Pani-Puris etc at Bombay Palace You can go to CitySeasons hotel (opp KL General Hospital for Nightlife)  

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