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Tip on : Kuala Selangor - 4 years ago

Bukit Melawati Several families of Silver-Leafed Monkeys and Long-Tailed Macaques hang around Bukit Melawati looking for a feed of fresh, crunchy beans from visitors. If you hold out a bean, these friendly primates will gently take it from your hand and happily munch on this treat.
These monkeys will also suddenly leap up and onto your shoulders hoping for preferential treatment with some food handouts. Don't make any sudden moves because they will cling to your hair or part of your face for support.
But still be careful when feeding the monkeys because although they have had a lot of contact with humans, they are still wild animals and can be a bit unpredictable.
When you have run out of beans, just hold your hands out, palm first to show you have nothing left and they will gladly go to the next visitor.
I'm still in two minds about feeding the monkeys because it has made them dependant on handouts from humans instead of foraging in the forest. However, it is still a wonderful interaction zone and kids (including the big ones) get a lot of pleasure from feeding these playful primates.
The cute Silver-Leafed babies have a glorious golden fur compared to the dull grey of the adults.
I visited Bukit Melawati as a part of the MM Adventures Firefly Tour which included a seafood feast followed by a visit to the Firefly Park.

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