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Tip on : Tijuana - 6 years ago

Saving money is easy in Tijuana. Although it is Mexico's wealthiest city, it is still very poor by European or U.S. standards. The parts you get to see as a tourist deceive you from the state of the rest of the city. Definitely go and see the old town wall, that used to go around the whole city of Tijuana in former times. Often overlooked by those who don't go off the beaten track it is def worth seeing and taking a picture there. Tourist-stuff wise go and have a couple of cocktails in one of the fabulous and very easy-going bars/restaurants. They are at least double the size and a third of the prize as those in the U.S. with MUCH more alcolhol! The waitresses and waiters (or sometimes even bar owners) still manage to be very friendly although they see truckloads of tourists every day - I don't know how - it must be the Mexican way of life! ;)

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