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Tip on : Fes - 6 years ago

Ok, so Morrocco.. Generally for brave people, who don't have problem with the contact with different culture.. If you want to get there from Spain, better don't have see sickness- don't be sure that ferry-boat will do.. waves can be spactacular during the journey. Fes is definately worth seeing- if you are in Spain and want to learn something about Morrocco. But don't dare going there on your own,  alone, without good guide.. If you enter old Fes' Medina without the guide, that's over.. Not only will you get lost after 10 minutes of walking among the small (incredible.. woow...) streets, but--> if you are pretty blond girl, just imagine... Hold your child's hand tightly, and it will be ok.. And the impression is amazing!! The time has stopped there in XVII century, and thay themselves say it has.. Great, great, great! Exotic, fabulous, a bit terriefying ..  But take care;)

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