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Tip on : Marrakech - 6 years ago

What do you say about Morocco? its the land of Ali Baba.. and Marrakech is his hometown.. You expect to see that dude come out of every stall you pass. There is almost something mythical about that place. I was there many many years ago. The berber culture is a proud culture, strange people. You keep your stuff CLOSE to you! forget a wallet in your back pocket.. thats FOOLISH! you put you money in your shoe.. anywhere thats not easy to get to. Especially the kids, they start crowding around you..thats how they do it first.. the others are the one that bump you hard.. You just got to keep away from people and hold your SHIT! Other than the thieves you can find all kinds of stuff here. but you have to know how to haggle..and haggle you will. All the stalls within the town walls of Marrakech are a bazzar of everything you can think of.. clothing, pots, pans, jewlry...anything. And Hot.. did I mention its HOT... I mean beat satan out of Hell HOT. take your breath away hot. But, thats the desert for you ... careful with the water.. only drink bottled water or soda.. There was no bottled water when I was there so I drank beer and soda. Also careful with the spices on the food.. itll eat you up too. But if you want to feel like you are in a Mythical Land - you are in Marrakech. Women - be careful.. men are very dominant.

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