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Tip on : Bagan - 4 years ago

Bagan is awesome bro. Stay in Nyaung-U, New Bagan is trash. You can't rent motorbikes but you can rent shonky chinese bicycles that get punctures in them every couple hundred metres. Make sure you buy some souvenirs from the temple kids. We're only talking $1 each for a handfull of kids, its nothing, and it makes their day because they know theyre gonna be able to EAT that day. Myanmar is super poor. Don't go in April unless you can handle 40°. Or during Buddhist new year unless you love getting drenched every few minutes by kids with buckets. Don't expect to cover the 'Big 4' (Bagan, Inle, Yangon, Mandalay) in less than 2 weeks during these times either. Give Burma a month and maybe you can get as far as Myat Kyin Nar which is some place I really wanted to go. Frontier-like. There is one temple, not one of the major ones, in old Bagan where there are barely any tourists but the vendors out front sell the most amazing lacquerware bowls for a matter of cents. Oh and if you want a massive plate of tasty fried rice for a dollar, go to Fuji restaurant.

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