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Tip on : Gobabis - 3 years ago

If you are backpacking and intend to go from Gobabis to Maun, it will not be an easy task. It is like a short journey, I would say, once there is no public transportation to there. The only way is hitching. First of all, make sure you already have Botswana's currency, because you will need money there and there is no place to exchange after leaving Gobabis. At Gobabis' exit to botswana border, there is a gas station where you can try to get a lift, it is a safe place, ask the attendant to help you. Do not cross the border whether it is dark, unless your ride is till Maun. Always travel during the day by safety. The drivers expect you'll pay them for the lift, so you must make a deal before get in the truck. There are many trucks departing at dawn, so do not worry if you have to wait so long.

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