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Tip on : Auckland - 7 years ago

Dont listen to the nay sayers, Auckland has an amazing amount of things to offer. Made up of 4 cities and 6 regional districts, Auckland has the most diversification of any NZ city. To the west you have the black sand beaches of the Tasman sea, and Waitakeri ranges which have many excellent day hikes To the east you have the the golden sand beaches of Maraetai, and a little closer to the city, Kohimarama, and Mission bay. There are more excellen day walks avaliable to you in the Hunia ranges, but you will need a car. To the north you have the regional parks, and more golden sand beaches, try a visit to Whangaparoa pennisualr for a great family day out. In teh Waitemata harbour you have plenty of islands to choose from, catch teh Fullers ferry to Rangitoto and walk to the top for spectacular views. or keep going out to Waiheke and visit a laid back Island winery for an amazing lunch. To teh south ... well initially its mostly industrial, but if you go far enough, clarkes beach is a nice area, there is access to the Waikato river, and if you feel like a long trip Raglan is a surfers mecca. And thats just the tip of the iceberg, So those of you saying there is nothing to do in Auckland, open your eyes and look again!

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