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Travelling far from home, Queenstown will be a highlight of your vacation. Do you like to find the 'best' location when you travel?
 Are you eager to discover more of New Zealand's culture & landscape? Yes?  Consider then that the distinctive ‘Kiwi’ culture resides in villages, not in cities. Downtown Queenstown is much like any city. Increasing tourism has created another mini-urban jungle.
Solution. If you prefer more peaceful, charming locations, look for accommodations in a convenient location on the edge of town.
Insiders have long recognized that Arrowtown is the cultural heart of the Queenstown district. Without doubt this is the loveliest neighbourhood, a leafy enclave of gold miners cottages surrounded by mountains & three golf courses Importantly, when you learn that 21,000 vehicles traverse Queenstown's main street daily, the peaceful attractions of Arrowtown become obvious. 
There are excellent lodges and bed & breakfasts just 2-minutes walk from Arrowtown's 20 restaurants,  arthouse cinema, and entertainment. Explore Saffron restaurant, rated in the ‘Worlds Top 100’ by Conde Nast Traveller. Taste exquisite wine & cuisine at Amisfield, NZ ‘Country Restaurant of the Year’.
Yes, you'd be correct in thinking that Arrowtown is a sophisticated neighbourhood
Where to stay? Consider Millbrook or Arrowtown House Boutique Hotel . In the book 'The Snow Guide to New Zealand', by Darby Jim & Upe Robert, Arrowtown House is recommended as "the place to stay in Arrowtown".
No driving or parking concerns makes Arrowtown such a relaxing location for your Queenstown vacation See now why the calm oasis of Arrowtown has become the choice of 'those in the know'. Only 15 minutes, but a world removed from downtown Queenstown. Here experience space to breathe and room to move.

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