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Tip on : Managua - 6 years ago

dont stay here to long, managua is a very built up modern city, it was rebuilt from scratch after the old city was destroyed, and it is nothing like the rest of the country. also keep your wits about you at all times people will try and scam some money out of you at any given oppertunity. Be V.careful with the taxi drivers, find out the cost BEFORE you set off, and double check it is in cords, not dollars. check it is for the whole taxi, not per person. and if you are getting the taxi to the bus station, make it very clear you want the bus station otherwise they may ask where you are going and try to drive you all the way there. Also, dont be on the streets after dark, its not safe, a friend of mine got stabbed in Managua, and some other friends got mugged.

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