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Tagaytay Tips

Tip on : Tagaytay - 6 years ago

Tagaytay is a tourist attraction for local and foreign visitors. It is an excellent vantage point of Taal Lake and Volcano. Tagaytay offers a breathtaking sight of the famous Taal Lake - a lake within an island within a lake. Tagaytay is envisioned to become a city that is enriched and comfortable to live in and visit, with flowers in bloom along roadsides, ridges and mountains swathed in green, pure and unpolluted air and climate always invigorating. Tagaytay is a perfect getaway for people seeking respite from the daily pressures of life in the metropolis. It is home to more than 60 convents and congregations and numerous hotels, resorts, and convention centers. Lush forests, open grasslands and gentle slopes make up a calm scene that pleases and refreshes the eye - conducive for meditation and concentration needed during training, conventions and retreats.

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