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Aba as Su'ud Tips

Tip on : Aba as Su'ud - 6 years ago Im gonna tell you how to deal with the cab drivers,first dont ever make a statement that u r new as from your appearances,try wear some flip flop coz they will intentionally charge you double if u wear CAT sneakers and Jansport sack!!! haha,coz ive been neckslit in broad daylite from these cabbers!!!!!ha
but the next day when i dress in a mediocre wear he only charge me 2 rather than yesterday's 6 riyals!

Here are some tips,
When they stop...ask them the PRICE first!!!
Don just jump inside...
Next,If u wanna do some groceries shopping around Khaldiya area (lo0k from maps),tell them to stop at Khaldiyya or spell QALDIYAK,from there u can get some good fresh fishes(samak in arab),pusit in tagalog(squid) etc..Then there is this market named ASIA BAKALAH(ASIA GROCERIES) that sells most stuff from asia,from the infamous gudang garam,our malaysian minyak kapak to the old skool meatball or daging bakso ,sotanghon and many more!!!!!!The cashier is a Thai.....vEry helpful Guuy!Sawadikap!tlungkup tlangkap jangan sampai kene tangkap!!!!

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