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Tip on : Aba as Su'ud - 6 years ago

haha,we meet AGain,hmmm for Trip to Abha actually there are 3 methods to go there,Actually Abha I think is more family enjoying tourist's  place cos they have cable cars2 etc2.....juz like KL Sunway in Malaysia,ok back to HOW 2 go there,

1st-Rent a car...
This is for sedan type-This 1 u shud have an Iqamah or Saudi ID to to rent as a guarantee along with 130 riyals for 24 hrs of rental,another 500 for insurance and deposit(sometimes they charge you 1000).Ok for the first 300 km will be free of charge thereafter 40 halalah per kilometres,So if you wanna rent better pool with other friends,then ull save a lot...remember all these doesnt include petrol(no worries cos only 45halala(cents) per litre hehehe...only in Saudi!!!!

2nd method is
For 1 way trip by taxis,if ure familiar theyll charge u 60 riyals per trip,but if u look obviously in oblivion they might charge extra 20-30....So b4 you even enter inside the car better make some negotiations,who knows thell ive you some ridiculous fare!These cabs u can take in front of Najran SAPTCO nearby Faisiliah....

Last 1 is the cheapest I think is by SAPTCO(aforementioned above) ,SAPTCO is a national bus company in Saudi,for return ticket will only cost you around 68 riyals.

So  decide!!!!!!

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