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Tip on : Singapore - 7 years ago

The zoo is well-worth visiting, even if you generally do not like zoos. If you actually like seeing animals, this is a must-see. The Singapore Zoo was one of the pioneers in the natural habitat concept, and they have got it down. There are no cages, and for most animals, all that stands between them and you is a moat. Fences are cleverly hidden by greenery such that in most cases unless you are trying to look they just aren’t there. Some critters are behind glass, like reptiles, but even then live within a natural looking setting. This all creates the impression that you are seeing the animals up close. There are beautiful white tigers and some of the biggest crocodiles I have ever seen. Most of the animals seemed lively and animated. The shows and feeding sessions go on all day, and are entertaining. They can descend a bit into circus-like stunts, and this may be a bit off-putting when compared to how much effort otherwise goes into making the zoo not seem like an animal penitentiary. You can pay to be photographed with various creatures, or on ponies or elephants, so parents may need to sort out their stance on this before hand ‘cause it will look like fun to your kids. Food is everywhere and not too expensive. There are some shops, but they are heavy on souvenirs and light on necessities, so bring along any diapers and other baby maintenance gear you will need for the day. With a few exceptions, the zoo is generally flat and easy on strollers, with wide paved paths to take you between exhibits. A lot of it is in the sun, so sun screen and hats are needed. There is a zoo tram that you can pay for that will take you past all the major exhibits.

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