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Tip on : Cheju - 6 years ago

Jeju is where Koreans go for their honeymoons, bride & groom wearing matching t-shirts.  So when you see such a thing you can tell them congrats.   The highest mountain in Korea is on the island, and it's actually a Volcano called Hallasan.  This is the thing to climb on the island, it's just breathtaking... but if you plan to climb over the summit and catch a bus back to the hotel from the other side of the mountain (signs will map the trails for you), take care to get an earlier start than afternoon, or you WILL find yourself descending in waning light, the busses will have finished, and you'll have to hitchike back to town.  Never worry though, there's plenty of tourists out driving and they'll find room in the back for your party.  Luckily.   ps.  still, when the humans make themselves scarce and the sun starts to go down, loads of  animals come out that were nowhere near the trail earlier.  So, you know, choices.

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