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Tip on : Bern - 6 years ago

Berne is my hometown and at the same time the capital of Switzerland. I think Bern is a beautiful city, especially the so-called von Bern Aldtstadt. There you'll find many small beautiful streets, old buildings, etc. The nice thing about Bern is of course continue our dear, beautiful green Aare, in which you walk for hours along, or as my friends and I was swimming in summer and on Aarenufer cozy barbecue! The city of Bern offers many opportunities as starting countless cinemas, a bar's, clubs, etc. However, it is difficult to what music style you like ... Berne but also from a sporting point of view much, that we should not forget how the hockey club SCB and Footballteam
Young Boys Bern, which in Bern hot to be loved and revered. For those who are interested, there are still countless opportunities seeing how the Bear Park, which is being renovated or new building is better said, the Bern Cathedral, the ghost house, restaurant, etc. Zytgloggetower and meals can be found everywhere in Bern really easy and a large selection ! Also what shopping is concerned, I think we are in Bern equipped. Am well, it is best if you just come over :-)

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