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Tip on : Bern - 6 years ago

do it the easy bernoise style: sure you visit the *Bärengraben* (yes it's small - but soon the poor bears gonna have a bigger new terrain with access to the river) and afterwards stroll through the old village, do some serious shopping (or windowshopping if low on budget), walk by Bundeshaus (Swiss Parliament) stop at one little charming cafes/bars on one of the small streets called "Gassen" and drink a local beer, white wine or cappuccino - generally take it nice easy in swiss capitol city.
eat a *Fondue* or *Gschwellti garniert, mit Käse und gemischtem Salat* at Restaurant Harmonie and dance later that night at a DubquestSession in or alternatively check, for small concerts check and for bigger ones  
speak slowly with the locals - they don't like hectic

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