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Tip on : Kilimanjaro - 5 years ago

Traveling to Africa was amazing.  I've always wanted to go there.  Keep in mind, you have have to have an open mind as far as ways and quality of life compared to what we are used to in the states.  Climbed Mt. Kili which was a challenge but worth the effort; however did get every symptom of altitude sickness.  Definitely recommend taking the altitude pills (can't remember the name of them)  The sky is beautiful, especially at night.  After the climb, we stayed off the rim of Ngorogoro Crater and depending on the day, going into the crater can be exciting (it's just like shown on tv) with the lions, elephants, hyena, zebras, monkies, you name it.  It is here where I learned my new favorite animal is the cheetah.  They are so lean and exotic looking, especially when one crosses your path.  Experienced bargaining with the locals, and being entertained by tribes of the area (mainly Masai and Chaga in  the area).  Buy in is a big difference in price and although they do take card, paying in cash is way cheaper.  Begging are common practice for some, but for the most part, I found the people content with their way of life.  Don't be mistaken, they will do any kind of work for a quick buck but overall, they are just living like the rest of us.  If traveling to Tanzania/Kenya area, I would recommend staying at least two weeks, and still that probably will not feel like enough time.  Also, you must have shot records with you.  Molaria pills are good to have and I believe yellow fever shot is required when traveling through Kenya.  Also, I recommend printing out how much it cost to get visa for the country because I knew it to cost $50 and customs definitely doubled the price when I arrived so it is good to know that sort of thing in advance.

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