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Tip on : Alanya - 4 years ago

Here is to all who like to feel like stars once i a while. La Porta! A brand new restaurant that is placed at the new pier just west of Alanya. The place is realy great and you can relax by the pool or even go to the jacuzzi to chill with people. There is plenty of things to say about La porta. We went there for the after beach party where you can pay 4 Lire for entry and then you get free towels sun chairs in white leather, that gives the place a certain style. There is live Dj and the bar is open all day. the after beach party is from 4 to 7 afternoon. when we arrived we saw a few stars actually sitting there enjoying the wather and music as well as a cold one, also we were told a huge private boat with a famous rapper visited. Food here is a tad expensive but then again, quality is really good and youre mouth turns 180 degrees when you taste the food. The chef is educated at one of the finest restaurants in Alanya and you can really taste it. Hope you will visit La Porta, here is the link!/group.php?gid=126177107424442&ref=ts

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