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Tip on : Alanya - 4 years ago

If you want to visit a restaurant with style aswell as a REALLY unforgettable view, youshould go to a restaurant near the castle ruins, cant remember the name but i found the exact  location if you use google maps and put in this "Kaleyolu Caddesi, Alanya, Türkiye" and it should appear with a big A. This restaurant has the best ever view over Alanya and the harbor, it is breathtaking and makes youre meal so much better. on that comment the Kitchen here is Amazing, a bit expensive  but the service view, and quality is worth every penny. if you can be so lucky to get the waiter Jonas, youre evening will be even greater, he bets, he sings, he is youre waiter, chef, bartender, and guide even, we got a tour to the castle at night with him as guide. Great night indeed, Try the flambe, its made right infront of you and is a great show. If you can manage to find the name and number of the place they will pick you up for free, otherwise it will be about 20 lire to get up there. Extra on that we got picked up by a mercedes.

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