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At ht airport they do not have VIP. Instead, they have CIP (Commercial important People). It costs 30USD per person and YOu get a treatment: they take You from the plane to special hall, where all the VISA procedures are handled. They also take care of your registered luggage ;)

still - some mysterious way, how You get it... some people have it arranged in their own countries. some people (as me) receive Invitational letter from some something (in my case - Some Ministry). It's *^%&%^$$ expensive. A 1 month multi entrance visa costs 135 USD (plus 2USD for ... something), though now You can get lucky when You pay in USD and don't have the exact amount of dollars - they give the change in USD back (if they have some though ;) ) a year ago You would get hte change back in Local manats official change rate... 

Currency: Manats
a year ago it was like this: 
official exchange rate - 1USD= 5000 Manats
street exchange rate - 1USD=25000 Manats

Now you know how they robbed You in giving change back in manats ( a year ago).

the excange rate is one everywhere: 1USD=14200 Manats. 
And in most restaurants You "can" pay in usd... 
All the restaurants and bars are open up till 11PM sharp. Except night clubs and bars in best hotels... so be aware ;)
and yes... they are planning to change the currency (drop two zeros)... 
and no - You cannot pay with Your credit card anywhere except Hotel.

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