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Oxford from A to Z
For every typ of sightseeing tourists:
Shopping. No not Oxford street XD This is in London.
but there are other places like: Westgate shopping center or teh city center with the reall university clothes to buy.
Tour make the footprint tour. Its for free and it goes 2hours with a student guid. Really funny and perfect for young people/ adults.
Park and walk: Next to the Christ Church is a nice foothpast and park. With loots of nicce students and on the end you come direct to the river.
Fun Make punting. Great fun or lay down on the river and watch they try to go from one to the other pier. Great fun. If you have time. Join the "the Bridge" and drink a PIMS (with alcohol) and typical english. Cheers ;-)
Hostory and Bulidings
Chirst Church - home to 13 British Prime Ministers
All Souls College
Trinity College
Oreil College
Hertford College
The Queens College
Bodleian Library
Radcliffe Camera
University Church of St Marys
True about Alice In Wonderland
Filmset from Harry Potter
Special events rowing regatta event
cambridge college vs. Oxford college
Location P R
If you go by car. Let it stay in Redbridge Park and Ride and take a bus with return only 2Pound per person.
Its more expensive to park in the city and it's stressfull
Hope i could help you

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