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Tip on : Boston - 6 years ago

Go to the South End.  I used to live there and it's fantastic.  There are lots of places to eat and shop on Tremont St.  Emilio's Pizza is a fantastic place to get greek style pizza.  Around the corner, down on Shawmut Ave. is Dish.  It has tasty seasonal dishes with a nice wine selection and outside dining options for the warmer months.  Down the street from Emilio's, on Tremont, is Franchesca's Espresso Bar which has lots of coffee/tea drinks, ice cream, sweet and savory treats.  The easiest way to get to the South End is by foot or bus.  It's about 15 min. by foot from the Boston Common.  The easiest way to get there is to start from the corner of Boylston and Berkeley, traveling south down Berkeley away from Back Bay.  You'll hit Tremont and turn right.

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